Identifying your vulnerabilities is one of the first things a hacker will do to gain unauthorized access to your system.

You need to determine whether your systems are at risk before a hacker exploits your vulnerabilities and gains unauthorized access, endangering your organization.

Without knowing what your vulnerabilities are, you cannot address them, this leaves holes for a potential attacker to exploit

Vulnerability testing identifies the effectiveness of your current countermeasures and potential security weaknesses in your systems caused by for example, poor account management, misconfiguration, inadequate patching, outdated software, or firmware.

With tens of thousands of vulnerabilities to check against and about 20 new vulnerabilities being detected each day even a well-resourced IT department can struggle leaving your system exposed to an attack. Even if you think you had no vulnerabilities a year ago, it does not mean you have no vulnerabilities today!

Our Certified, Trustworthy and Reliable Security Professionals, Ethical Hackers, Risk Managers, Project Managers and Auditors can help you identify potential vulnerabilities. Advanced detection can lead to more protection. Using tools used by hackers, we have the ability to uncover tens of thousands of vulnerabilities