You have worked hard, don’t lose it all! A loss to your business could cause a catastrophic event resulting in legal action being taken against you, making you personally liable!

Could any of these affect you...

You may be judged on the subjective standard of what a reasonable person in your position would do. Is it fair to say that a reasonable person would have looked to protect company assets, mitigated potential risks, avoided vulnerabilities, documented, and checked a process was being followed and verified by an independent party?

Remember even if you think you have done everything correctly, somebody else (the Company, a Shareholder, an affected third-party or even a liquidator in bankruptcy) may think differently.

Insolvency practitioners can be very aggressive in pursuing you. It could cost you tens of thousands just to defend yourself against an allegation.

Protect yourself, use independent certified experts, contact us today and minimize your organization and your own personal risk.

As independent IT Security consultants we are not providing legal advice. If in doubt you should always contact a lawyer.

Avoid huge legal fees and a judgment against you. Take action now to protect yourself!